CSW4    My name is Claire Shannon, I am a freelance writer interested in exploring a wide range of areas including current affairs, life and culture in London, Brighton, the arts, Irish and family history, physical and mental health issues. I have a fascination with words and language and work to combine these to produce clear, readable prose, and occasionally when relaxed to use language in a more imaginative way, through poetry.

I aim to write for publication and have enjoyed writing for Belfast-based magazine, Fortnight; the Marylebone Journal, Middlesex University etc. I have contributed to the Rowan Arts Centre blog which bases itself around the Holloway Road community in North London, and intend to expand this in the creation of my own blog debating my changing feelings about living on the edge of London. My big background project at the moment is to write a book-length memoir of my mother’s life, covering her involvement in Feminism, the Arts and Humanism, then the sad experience of dementia at the end of her life.

I can write well on a wide subject range as displayed here, and hope you will use the contact form to get in touch, follow me and let me know of any writing needs or opportunities you may be interested in discussing with me.

Claire Shannon BA (Joint Hons), Dip Lib, MA.


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